Love you Special! Love, Mom

A Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day has always held special meaning for me. It represents so much more than roses, cards and gifts. To me, it is a celebration of love. Romantic love, love of family, love of friends, love of life and all that is. It is a special time designated for giving and receiving from people who you truly care about. It is an opportunity to make someone you care for feel special.

My husband is the love of my life. He often brings me flowers, makes me laugh, or surprises me with a gift. I relish the thoughts of his soft kisses and memories of simple things he has done to show me that I make his world turn. He knows how to make me feel special, and not just on Valentine’s Day. 

Even when we first fell in love while attending college in Maine, he made me feel important. We talked often and learned much about each other when he took me camping and fishing in the Allagash wilderness. Our relationship grew into a love story. He was, and is attentive to my needs and he knows what I like. Lewy always knew what made me happy and he would bring it to me. Sometimes it would be princess pine or, in the coldest months, he would find me lovely boughs of winterberry. I often used his gifts of foraged flora in wreaths I made to sell at local craft markets. He picked me wild daffodils in the spring, and daisies from the roadside in the summer.

Even after all these years, he continues to bring me small gifts of love that never cease to brighten my day and lighten my heart. It isn’t the gifts themselves that warm me, but knowing that he pays attention and observes my habits. He notes my interests and provides them for me in special surprises and small thoughtful gifts.

One particularly sweet memory I deeply cherish was when he gave me a diamond ring. When we got married, Lewy didn’t have a lot of money and my original wedding ring was a diamond chip that belonged to my grandfather, placed in a small gold setting. It was perfect for me, but not for Lewy. On my 40th birthday, he presented me with a beautiful diamond ring. It wasn’t the diamond that was special, but the fact that it was so important to him that I have it. It was intensely meaningful to me.

I reminisce upon a summer that nurtured my obsession with growing my own pumpkins. I could not get them to grow. The deer ate them. The gophers ate them. And eventually, a mildew began to shrivel the leaves. I watched them diligently every day, determined to get a pumpkin, but it didn’t look very promising. One day I looked out my window to see a lovely orange orb in the pumpkin patch…I was so excited! I was soon to find out that it was my husband who had placed it there for me to see, and put an end to my drama with a failed pumpkin patch! He always knows how to make me laugh and put a smile on my face when I take life too seriously.

We carve space from our hectic lives to enjoy sweet escapes together, deepening our connection to each other. Occasionally, we will take an extended vacation, but more often, and more important, are the secluded moments. Sometimes, they happen over a romantic dinner in a quiet restaurant. Other times, they are when we relax together with a glass of wine after a busy day in front of a fire Lewy has built for us on a cool October evening.

Perhaps for you, too, it’s in simplicity that we find our most cherished moments. A soft kiss or a gentle touch. For me, it’s small moments like when Lewy asks what he can do to help when I am overwhelmed. It might be easy to take small daily gifts for granted, but I always appreciate the kindness he offers me, whether it’s when he opens the door for me or drops me off close to the entrance so I don’t ruin a new pair of shoes. He always finds ways to remind me of his love, and his great capacity for love has be bred into our children.

Since they were small, my children have brought me gifts and notes for Valentine’s Day. I cherish a wooden heart given to me by my son Benjamin when he was 4 years old. It is painted red and adorned with red dots. With crayons, he inscribed the message, “To Mom, love Ben. I love you and I hope you get a gift.”

When my son Nicholas was 7 years old, he remembered that I wanted a house plant, so he gave me a fern that I have to this day. I have treasured it, nurtured it, and repotted it countless times, and it still thrives, reminding me of the sweet unassuming love of my once small children.

On many occasions I have been truly blessed by the thoughtful remembrances from my boys. Ben seeks out heart stones to give me, and remind me that he cares for his Mom. Most of them are from the state of Maine. I have them from Mt. Katadhin and Mt. Tumble Down and other places where he has ventured. Nicholas would rather remind me with thoughtful words and cards. As a mother, it is a comfort to know you are in your children’s hearts when they travel.

Romance keeps us young, allows our dreams to prosper, extends our love to others, and so much more. When I recall all the special Valentine’s Day’s in my life, I realize that every day I spend with my husband is Valentine’s Day. It is really a day for us to celebrate and appreciate all the love we’ve experienced throughout the year and throughout our lives.

“Years of lovely wishes add to the goodness of a family,” and my family has shared so many special wishes and memorable times together that we truly are blessed with unity. I like to believe that love radiates from us into our extended family, and friends, filling us all with joy.