Heart Stones

“The shape of a heart warms the soul no matter what it is made of.”

Although I have a fine collection of hearts, I have a special affinity for heart shaped stones.

Perhaps it began when we moved into our old farmhouse in 2006.  Built in the 1800’s and worn by years of neglect, we slowly began to bring it back to life. My son Nicholas found a heart stone in the exterior chimney. When we remodeled, we made the chimney a focal point of our living room, revealing the heart stone.  It serves as a gracious reminder that the original builder of the structure thought it was important to place a symbol of love in his home.

A heart stone is a treasure when you find one.  It gives you the feeling that a magical gift has been bestowed upon you.  I once found one in my own yard and placed it in my garden where I spend considerable time. When I see it, I am reminded of the unconditional love that permeates my life and the gratitude I have for that love. That alone can magically dissolve any worries, disappointments, or self-doubt that I may be experiencing.

My son Benjamin thoughtfully finds me heart stones in his travels.  Most of them come from places in Maine, like Mt. Katadhin and Mt. Tumbledown, but all of them come from his heart.  It is a warm and special feeling to know that he cares about his Mom and thinks of me when he is away. [I share more details of the love in my family in my article.]  

It is my great hope that you may create the time to reflect on the love in your life.