A Harvest Art Story


 The story has become more about the begging’s of my Art

A harvest of ideas I would accumulate in the years I spent getting my Bachelor degree.

“To Harvest is to gather… A crop or maybe knowledge”

Experiencing the late summer potato harvest.  (Google Aroostook County Maine)

In the 1980’s when I was attending college, I was able to start a new part of my life. A place I had never experience with my cultural Italian traditions being put to the side. I started a new adventure… Hiking, learning, creating Art, fishing camping, singing in the college coffee house, yes I played the guitar.. Past tense HA!

In the 1800 Aroostook, the northern most county in the USA bordered by Canada a little town of 4,000 peeps - University of Maine in Fort Kent

Art in Maine

Professor and Artist Wendy Kindred (Google Wendy Kindred at University of Maine great story about her

Possible link to her art)s

“My art in Maine revolved around mixing technical, traditional art supplies with earthly natural things”

Hand made things and Mother Nature’s things - Mediums; Water color paints, Wood blocks, Ink, Charcoal

Gathering;  Mosses, conifer cones, Woodland flowers for pressing in my mixed media water colors, Barn wood


Chamomile tea collected and brewed

Having a garden is so rewarding, just pickled some Asian Carrots with rice vinegar and ginger, Italian pepper with garlic and oregano

Salas a HOT! Jalapeño and cayenne